KISS Photo Contest


What is more important than staying healthy? 

Although it is probably the most rhetorical question we could ask, is nevertheless a relevant question. And its answer depends on our definition of well-being. It is not a coincidence that W.H.O., the World Health Organization, focuses its attention on the definition of the word “Health” using the idea of well-being.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Here at KISS, we think that it would be fun and exciting to try to catch the sense of well-being for each of you through your lenses. And this is the reason why we launched the KISS Photo Contest #wellbeing

Now, close your eyes and hold your breath. Take 10 seconds of your time and think what “being well” means to you.

Share your idea of well-being taking part to our initiative. Send the photo that best describes it. Spread the word and invite your friends to partecipate and vote their favorite images. By sharing our ideas and feelings, we will better understand the importance of well-being in our lives.

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