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Fotios Loupakis

Co-Founder, President

I am a doctor, a researcher, a dad. Whenever I think about my life I can’t help but say I’m lucky. Very, very much. My work as an oncologist constantly puts me in front of difficult situations. You can well imagine them, indeed I know that more or less directly you have all experienced them. For years I have thought about how I can help – “beyond” everyday activities – to understand the tumor problem, face it, defeat it. And if not to defeat him at least … give them bad. Each of us can be stronger only if we all work together at the same time. Research, lifestyles, correct information, education, passion, anger and smiles. But also and above all kisses. They are the strongest weapons we have against cancer. Thus was born Kiss Onlus for me.

Ettore Pardossi

Co-Founder, Vice-President

Nice to meet you! I am Ettore. I lived many years in the States where I made my little American Dream. Art, travel and public relations are among my passions. I have recently returned to Italy and I will try to share this magnificent experience and apply it in a field distant from my background but equally fascinating and above all in solidarity with Kiss.

Marta Schirripa

Co-Founder, Secretary Treasurer

I am an oncologist doctor and I deal with clinical and research activities in the field of gastrointestinal tumors. I came to become an oncologist after long reflections and personal life experiences but I have always had an interest in international cooperation and developing countries and in organizing events that could bring people closer to topics of medical interest. I decided to engage in the association to combine these passions

Giulia Giambi

Co-Founder, Fundraising Committee Member

My name is Giulia Giambi, native of Pistoia. I love my city as much as I love ice cream in the summer and even if it turns out to be tight, I wouldn’t change it with anyone else. I have always been stubborn (bad fault!) And I am convinced that because of this fate has put me to the test often – more than I could do it myself – having fun changing my way towards unexpected paths.

I deal with hospitality but also with catering and event organization. I love my job because it stimulates creativity and intuition, because it plays with the pleasure of those who travel and with the taste of those who taste.

Giulia Zanella

Co-Founder, Scientific Committee Member

Hello! I am Giulia Zanella, and I am a nurse who works in oncology and research. I have been working in the sector for 6 years and one of the many things I have learned from my patients (and I assure you that they teach me new ones every day), is how much the hospital “lived inside” is hated, how much they want to get out of there and live what’s beyond the walls. Out. Then I too want to get out of the hospital, and to contribute in that way in the “KISS” way: light, sparkling, colorful, sweet, concrete, reassuring, lively and dynamic. Just like a kiss. Fighting cancer, doing research, informing about topics such as prevention or correct lifestyles are activities that can also be done outside hospitals, together with a group of friends and with you that you are browsing on our site. So go ahead, go out with us!

Michele Schirripa

Co-Founder, Fundraising Committee Member

Since I was a child I have had a passion for marketing and for organizing events and activities. I work in the restaurant business and I have an innate ability to establish relationships with people from any socio-cultural context. I decided to engage with KISS for a personal experience that has profoundly changed my life, with the aim of putting my professional and personal skills at the service of the association.

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